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  Staff training. Section МО
  The faculty of preparation and retraining shot (FPRS) works on pulpit of МО, dean of which there is a professor, doctor of science. Serdyuk V.R. the Basic direction of activity of FPRS there is teaching and attestation of public servants from the work guard and robots with the promoted danger.
  The pulpit teachers passed teaching in the National centre and got the certificates on project of the International organization of work (IOW), in relation to the inculcation of the flexible theexpenditure teaching departmental of unemployed persons.
  On base FPRS created regional educational centre of the flexible programs of professional preparation of unemployed persons.
  FPRS closely co-operates with the Regional centre of employment - COMPUTER” “Operator and accounting “Clerk (recorder of book-keeping datas) conducts conversion training of specialists with the higher education with giving working professions”, that secures the receipt of outside budgetary facilities for university.
  Students external students of the speciality “Management of organizations” in the construction region on the first years get the working profession COMPUTER” “Operator, that renders the assistance to their job placement and professional growth.
  Got facilities on account of scientific activity of pulpit are used for acquisition of electronic-computing technique.
  In 2007 to the year pulpit teacher Zayukoff Ivan Viktorovych protected a candidate's dissertation.

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