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Volumes of economic-contractual and state-budgetary subject matter

For the pulpit (from the 1994 year) existence period on 1.01.03 is executed advanced studies, within the framework of economic-contractual and the state budget subject matter, to the amount of 950 000 of grn. about.

Work above dissertations

On results research works 6 is protected by the pulpit co-operators candidate's and 1 doctoral dissertations.

After defence of dissertations the candidates of sciences continue fruitfully to work in the scientific plan Crystych Olexander Volodymyrovych and Lyalyuk Olena Georgiyivna

Scientific activity of students

In 2003 an organizational work above bringing in students to writing bachelor and holder of a master's degree dissertations on direction is set to the year "Management of organizations". By the way, the first holder of a master's degree, which was shielded on our faculty, executed dissertation holder of a master's degree under the direction of manager pulpit of doctor of engineering sciences, professor of Serdyuk Vasyl’ Romanovych.
Speciality students are regularly attracted To the advanced study "Management of organizations" - no less 15 men annually with the press of advanced studies and approbation of results of own charge researches on scientific, including international, conferences

Scientific relationships of section "Management of organizations"

Institute of economy of Ukraine NAN. Research economic institute of Ministry of the Ukraine economy. Kiev national technical university of construction and architecture. The Ukrainian scientific centre of radiation medicine. Kiev national technical university of construction and architecture. Odessa state academy of construction and architecture. The Ukrainian research and projects-designer institute of build materials and wares.

Main trends of research work


•  Marketing machineries of the innovative providing of industrial development.

•  Change structure of build region.

•  Organizational-economic aspects of bankruptcy in the innovative business.

•  Innovative activity in the conditions of market transformation of economy and economic globalization.

•  The Ways of development of housing construction in Ukraine.

•  Organizational-economic providing of innovative policy in the conditions of integration of the Ukraine economy in the peace economy.

•  Development and research of concretes with the special properties. Development effective saving a resource of technologies of making wall, including heat isolating materials.

•  Organizational-technological providing of decline radiation danger in construction.

•  Organizational-economic mechanism of energy economy in Ukraine.


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