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  Section "Management of Organizations" prepares qualification specialists «Economist. Manager productions» after direction: 7.050201б - MANAGEMENT of ORGANIZATIONS (in construction). Pulpit under the name «Economy and management by construction» founded 8 April of 1994 year (order VP 610). Pulpit «Management organizations» is leader on preparation managers in Ukraine. We one first in country carried out the set of students on this speciality in 1992 to the year. A pulpit after its essence is not alike on the similar pulpits of others scholastic establishments of city. This be related to that by the steel pulpit incorporators managers are former leaders enterprises and their subsections, which went across an teaching work - they have simultaneously and own charge experience and administrative works, and competence in the organization questions, to analyse the solid economic preparation together with ability real situations and to build the proper conclusions and prognoses. 
  The doctor of engineering sciences heads a pulpit, the professor Serdyuk Vasyl’ Romanovych - member of two specialized advices on defence dissertation, faculty dean in-plant training, initiator progressive in world module departmental teaching. By the decision of the Government Vinnitsa state technical university in the person of our pulpit together with Ukrainian by the engineering-pedagogical academy (Kharkov) and Interindustry to educational centre Institute electric welding by him. Е.О. Paton NАN of steel Ukraine leading by the scientifically-scholastic establishments of country in relation to the inculcation new methods vocational training on methodology of the International Organization of Work (IOW) - the special agency of UNO.
  Already 1 course the pulpit students get knowledge and ability to use main programs to the Microsoft Office package specialized computer programs, which continuously apply in the educational process. Concentration on one to the pulpit of cycles with special (economic and administrative) preparations с basic by applied (materials, technology) and fundamental (informatics, mathematical methods and models) by disciplines, presence and continuous use during all period of teaching modern to the computer bases creates pre-conditions high quality of got education. Such quality enables to the graduating student of pulpit to find a purview its knowledges, skills and habits not only in the base for pulpit regions, but also in contiguous with they spheres of national economy. Per years existence of pulpit be prepared near 300 production economists-managers, 7 holders of a master's degree, 9 candidates of sciences, 1 doctor sciences. 100% a job placement of graduating students is secured their wide economic and sufficient technical knowledges, modern to the computer preparation, by understanding a psychology and sociologists, cultural by education and etc.. The students have possibility to use the funds of any libraries of peace due to the two computer laboratories of pulpit and going out in Internet.

Our purpose - preparing the specialists able to meet competition on the market of labour.

The graduating students of pulpit work by managers on enterprises of different regions, in banks, private firms, state establishments, in the educational establishments; is incorporators and leaders of enterprises. Young initiative economists, chiefs of departments, accountants, public accountants, office managers, directors, are a pulpit pride. The good education generally promotes and level of social development of students. Known in the Vinnitsa region and after its limits of command of KVN "Be" and "Paradox", and also "Chamber 6" is created by students mainly our speciality.

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